Monday, September 17, 2007

Get Braces Over The Age Of 12: Ceramic (Clear) Braces

My teeth are jacked up.

OK. Maybe not in the extremely bucktoothed kinda way that turns people off...but still.
They're jacked up.

See...I have this baby tooth that a dentist "forgot" to pull. So after 30 some-odd years, I have to take matters into my own hands.

Or rather, the hands of a professional.

And I'd be a liar if I said this was strictly about health. It's not.
It's about smiling and feeling like I'm NOT looking like a Xenomorph (the monster from "Alien"...for the anti-geeks...).

So I went for my first consultation and I wish I could say it went well.

Bottom line.

Your girl has to get the baby tooth pulled in order to shift everything over so I have Eva Langoria teeth.

Now, it's not in the EXTREME front of my actually rests on the side.

But seriously,...have you ever seen someone who had a missing tooth and thought anything but...

"Damn...what the fuck happened?"

Me neither.

So needless to say, I'm a bit anxious.

It's a whole year (to two years) of having a missing a tooth AND hardware in my mouth that gives me that oh-so-sexy "Tootie" look.

Now, I'd love to say that my self-esteem is so intact that I can actually go through with this and be OK with oral sex being a serious concern, but I'm not.

And I know that in two years, the hardware will pay off with a sick smile...but still.


And let's also factor in the cost.

Braces, at least the ones I'm looking at , cost.. well..

COST: $7G's (not including the great job benefit deductible) over the course of the interest free payment plan.

TIME: Monthly visits for adjustments and cleaning

AM I GOING TO DO IT: We'll see. I'm going for my (second) consultation. If he comes down off that number a thousand or so... it's possible.

Let you know.


is a bitch.


UPDATE: Want to see the AFTER? Hell yeah you do.  Then go HERE!!


jassamdelame said...

You should do it chicks with braces are sexy as hell anyway

Sydney said...

I'm 13 and i'm black and I have to get braces D: I'm so nervous. I have to get spacers too.

Sydney said...

I'm 13 and i'm black and I have to get braces D: I'm so nervous. I have to get spacers too.

Elin martin said...

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Rosie Angelakis said...

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